Archiving & Cloud Services

Archiving Made Easy

ENVELOPE CONNECTION INC archiving solutions capture and store your data securely for as long as you need without risk of amendment or deletion, and reduce your email storage requirements while boosting user productivity. Easy to implement and manage, they help you meet demanding compliance requirements and respond to e-discovery requests quickly and easily.

They integrate with all standards-based email servers such as Exchange, and are also ideal for cloud services such as Office 365 and Gmail. Users can access, search, retrieve, and export archived messages instantly using any device, on-site or on the go.

Capture Accurately

ENVELOPE CONNECTION INC uses journal capture to secure an accurate and unmodified copy of each message directly from the mail server at the time it is sent or received. This guarantees an accurate, complete, and unmodified archive of all your messages.

You can automatically import historical email data to the archive, providing a full record of every message ever sent or received. In addition, instant-message and other non-email data such as appointments, contacts, tasks, and notes can be captured to provide a comprehensive archive of all data.

Store Securely

Data is archived outside your operational email environment in a dedicated tamper-proof repository, ensuring it will be retained securely for as long as your need it without risk of corruption or deletion.

Reducing the volume of data managed by your email sever can slash costs dramatically while increasing operational efficiency. Users stay within storage limits without exporting PST files or purging data—possibly putting your regulatory status at risk.

Ensure Compliance

Our policy-based approach uses granular retention policies to ensure that you automatically retain each item of data securely for as long as it is needed. This means you can confidently demonstrate you are meeting government and regulatory requirements, and operating defensible deletion policies.

It is easy to demonstrate the accuracy and completeness of your archive, and to provide the chain of custody for every item of data. Role-based security controls ensure that only authorized personnel have access to data within the archive, and comprehensive audit trails record every system and user activity.