Scanning Service

Scanning – View Your Mail From Anywhere In The World

ENVELOPE CONNECTION INC’s Scanning Service is a solution for people who live to travel but love to stay in touch with home. If you travel for work or for play or are temporarily receiving mail for loved ones who are away, ENVELOPE CONNECTION INC is happy to provide you with an address to call your own. One that goes where you go.

Our company philosophy is that if we think like our customers, then the service will meet their needs as closely as possible. That’s why every feature we’d like to see in our service has become a part of the service. Every customer is different and their needs are unique. So they deserve a service that can adapt to what they want, whether they are a business or a backpacker.

We recognize the amount of trust our customers put into us as a company. That is why we are building a service that has your privacy and security at it’s heart. Please visit our Security section if you would like to know more.

An online mailbox is ideal for individuals and business professionals who are tired of wasting time running to the post office, unable to receive mail or packages through UPS or FedEx, tired of managing paper mail, and wasting valuable time and money keeping their mail sorted. Now with an online mailbox solution, you can manage your mail from anywhere in the world without ever stepping foot inside a post office! ENVELOPE CONNECTION INC offers the perfect online mail management solutions for businesses, individuals, digital nomads, snowbirds, travelers, RVers and more!

ENVELOPE CONNECTION INC is designed to be affordable, simple, and flexible. Let us help you make yourself more productive and efficient with an online mailbox. Now you can receive your mail anywhere, whether it be at home, the coffee shop, a hotel across the country, or your vacation home around the world! With our easy to use client interface, you can now view your mail online in stunning high quality.

Efficient Workflow

Incoming mail is scanned for your examination. Through our management software you can quickly view and deal with all mail from wherever you are located.

High Quality

The scanned items are clear and easy to read to ensure clarity. Special rates are available for large scan runs.


The high quality scans of your documents can be kept in your cloud storage archives for efficient record keeping. This saves office space and eases their management.